Message From The Board Of Directors

Our goal is to make these products accessible all over the world by producing the products that give flavor to the local dishes in a quality way without disturbing their traditionality, and to make these products accessible all over the world due to the intensity of today’s business life and to the traditional products that are not possible to be made at home and longed for years. To ensure that it can be accessed anytime anywhere.

Our Corporate Values

Reliability is among the most important values ​​for TOMART. The names behind the brand are based on their roots.
TOMART family knows that the biggest capital is reputation.
TOMART believes that our human resource, which has a high sense of belonging and ownership as a management, is open to all developments based on science, values ​​information sharing and the spirit of unity, and adopts a participatory management approach and success-oriented work, is one of our most important values.
Therefore, as TOMART, our corporate values ​​increase the trust given to us by our customers, partners and employees.
Honesty, impartiality, respect and a sense of responsibility determine our daily work; It shapes our relationships with each other and our behavior towards our customers and business partners.

For this reason, although TOMART was established in 2020, its foundations were laid much earlier in.


Ali Uçar

'Gaziantepli Kardeşler Automotive and Authorized Ford Dealer’


Aydın Erbay

'Lescon Sportswear’


Süleyman Köşkeroğlu

'Köşkeroğlu Baklava, Restaurant’


Halit Müslüman

'Vegetable Paste and Machinery Manufacturing’


Alper Tunga Çiftçi

'Import, Export, Industrialist’

Some hope, others wait, and few make it happen.
They made it happen!
The group of five which bears the responsibility stemming from their Gaziantep roots, a culinary capital, created the brand TOMART in 2019 to put the taste of “authentic pepper and tomato paste” on the map through industrial production. In fact, it was not a new investment opportunity that brought these five experienced business people together, but the excitement of making traditional tomato and pepper paste, which their mothers spread on their bread in their childhood, and making its incredible taste famous in the world. This was motivated by the fact that, the formula, as indicated by Master Halit Müslüman, reflects the taste that evokes their childhood memories. TOMART initiated production in the Kilis Organized Industrial Zone to bring the taste of the authentic “mothers’ recipe” tomato and pepper paste to the table with a production area of 12,000 thousand square meters space and state of the art machinery and equipment. It continues to perform its manufacturing operations without compromising the traditional taste, high standards of hygiene and quality. TOMART, which has diversified its portfolio with “ketchup, sauces and pepper flakes,” is moving forward on its journey by maintaining its traditional approach.

Our vision is to provide people with “Safe Food,” contribute to the development of the food industry, maintain food safety and “halal” measures at every stage of production from raw material to the final product, use natural resources efficiently and prevent environmental pollution at its source to keep the world livable for future generations, and create a “brand value.”

Our Mission

As a 100% domestic company which adheres to the principles of high quality and integrity, our mission is to become a brand which contributes to the Turkish economy and local employment with an innovative approach, offer the taste demanded by our customers with TOMART assurance without compromising the benefits and nutritious properties of plants, the most valuable gift of nature, and inspire others to turn our products into distinct dishes in different international cuisines.