Why Tomart?
  • Because our nutrient-rich tomato paste, which preserves its authentic and delectable taste without any additives, perfectly complements a variety of meals and recipes.
  • Because we shape our portfolio and packaging based on evolving industrial trends and consumer demand.
  • Because we have established robust procedures for a sustainable quality assessment system, we work with specially trained teams that never compromise on quality, and our approach promotes continuous improvement to reach the most effective technology solutions at every level of production.
  • And because we are fully aware of the need to create a legacy of strong brands to secure the future, and we keep this responsibility in mind when conducting our operations.

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Art of tomato paste

An organic journey from the field to the table

TOMART, a prominent center of local production in Turkey, manages each step of the production chain from the field to the table to incorporate the freshest and healthiest produce in its products. In this way, TOMART is able to both regulate the production chain and support Turkish farmers with the guarantee of purchase it gives.

Art of tomato paste

Natural red pepper paste

Benefits of red pepper paste
  • Thanks to its vitamin E and C content, red pepper reduces "bad" cholesterol levels.
  • Compared to oranges, hot pepper flakes contain 3 times more vitamin C.
  • Red pepper contains a group of antioxidant agents called phenolic compounds which reduce the risk of stroke, and they are good for the heart.
  • β-Carotene in red pepper is a precursor to vitamin A (provitamin A), and it boosts the immune system. β-Carotene, present in fruits and vegetables, is converted into vitamin A.
  • And lycopene, which gives the pepper its red color, provides protection against intestinal, uterine and prostate cancers.
  • Capsaicin in red pepper fights prostate tumors.
  • Capsanthin in red pepper is used in several topical preparations to relieve the pain caused by zoster.